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Payment Procedures for 30 Days After Dental Services


Receipt of Insurance Benefit Payment

I’ve been made fully aware that this is ONLY AN ESTIMATE, based on information provided to The Exchange Dental Group by my insurance company. I understand that my insurance company may pay more or less than the estimated amount. I am paying the estimated co-payment with the understanding that I am responsible for any balance that remains after the insurance company has paid its portion. If the insurance company pays more than the estimated amount, the difference will be refunded to me. If the insurance payment is less than the estimated amount, I will be notified by mail, telephone, and email of the remaining balance due.

I agree to pay that remaining balance in full within 30 days. If for any reason I cannot make scheduled payments, I must immediately contact The Exchange Dental Group to make acceptable arrangements. The Exchange Dental Group reserves the right to refer all unpaid accounts to collection agencies.

I have been informed of the treatment plan and associated fees. I agree to be responsible for all charges for services and materials not paid by my dental insurance company within 30 days of the submitted claim. To the extent permitted by law, I consent to your use and disclosure of my personal health information to be used for the sole purpose of collecting any payment due to The Exchange Dental Group.

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To Our Valued Patients:

We appreciate and respect the trust you place in us to provide you with optimum dental care and services. As part of our commitment to excellent care and service, our staff will help you understand and make the most of your allowable dental insurance benefits.

It is important to understand that your benefit plan is an arrangement that involves you, your insurance carrier and your employer. Your benefits are based on the terms of the contract that your employer negotiated with the insurance company. Occasionally, services that are rendered may not be covered by your plan or there may be a deductible or co-payment that you or we are not aware of at the time of your visit.

In order for The Exchange Dental Group to run smoothly and continue to offer you high quality care, we respectfully request that you sign below to authorize our office to keep your signature and credit card on file. If, for any reason, you have a balance that is not covered by your insurance company or a balance that is owed due to a cancellation (as per our cancellation policy), the amount due will be charged to the credit card on file.

If you have any questions, please speak with a member of our Billing Department.

Thank you for your cooperation,

The Exchange Dental Group

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